One Window Solution Toronto

One Window Solution Toronto

city of Toronto building permit application process

Consulting Expertise

Mayfair Homes are facilitating our customers at a single-entry-point to fulfill all of their projects related to necessities. This approach saves their money and time with optimum levels of communication and quality of services. We offer a number of priceless services to our customers at cost-effective rates for your Land Development Application and building permit application in GTA.

Our services include site survey, topographical survey, grading plan, architectural drawings, structural engineering drawings, mechanical engineering drawings, rendering 3D photorealistic, the committee of adjustment application (COA), and urban forestry approval. We help customers in the building permit application process in Toronto and other cities and get the building permit approvals. We also do help you in hydro connection, gas connection, water, and sewer connections sanction to remove or injure a protected tree and Tree care, tree removal, Arborist report, Tree preservation methodology, curb cuts approval, and driveway widening on city property application. We apply for street work approval for walkway or driveway construction, repaving, relocation, or alteration. We also apply the basement retrofit permit of your existing property and landscape construction approval of the area beyond your property line. We can reproduce the blueprints using field measurement if it does not exist in the municipal office and even made modifications that your home left behind a trail of evidence. We can also hire realtors, building information modeling (BIM) experts, interior designers, staging designers, and others to facilitate our customers within our house.

These services not even bring big jobs and also referrals. Our services are not limited to the city of Toronto building permit application process guidance. We are always ready to provide value-added solutions to our customers including below priceless services: Architectural Design;

  • Land Development Application;
  • Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval;
  • Land Survey;
  • Design and Build a Custom home;
  • Building Permit Approvals;
  • Tree Cut Application;
  • Municipal Road Damage Deposit Permit;
  • Curb Cut Permit;
  • Utility connections Approvals;
  • 3d architectural rendering services;
  • Real Estate Services;
  • Lot buying and selling;
  • Interior Designer;
  • Free Experts Consultancy.

Please call us for the city of Toronto building permit application process, fees and approval, house plans, architectural drawings, and their 3D rendering.  Facilitate you in MLS listings services in Ontario and help you in buying and selling lots. We also submit the Draft Plan of Subdivision application and severance of existing lots to cities.  Mayfair homes will serve you according to your expectation; we are the teamwork from the team that works.


We, Mayfair Homes, are luxury custom home builders in Toronto constructing high-end customized homes for our clients; Feel free to call us for:

  • Free Consultation and Estimate
  • We Design and Build Luxury Homes
  • Licensed and Insured Company
  • Dream Floor Plan and Smart Features
  • Practical Architectural Plans
  • We get Building Permits
  • Sustainable and Energy Efficient Homes
  • Seven Years Tarion Warranty
  • No Hidden Cost – No Surprise

  • To Discuss your Needs and Wish list;
  • To Get Proven Reliable Services;
  • For Competitive Quote and Price;
  • On time, Best quality & within Budget.


Mayfair’s is famous for luxury custom home building, complete remodeling of dwellings, restoration into original look, residential addition and renovations services for our valued clients. We will make your project pleasant and comfortable with innovative design, high quality material, detailed workmanship and contemporary ideas. Our concern is to know You – Your passions, Your wish list, and above all, to heighten your expected lifestyle.


To become the best custom residential builders in Toronto, we deliver our services on schedule, within budget, with quality control, with least risk and safety to meet our customers’ needs.

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