Custom Home Builders Mississauga

Custom Home Builders Mississauga

Mayfair home is Custom Home Builders Mississauga building luxury custom homes in Mississauga. We build a new custom home in less than one year with customers’ satisfaction.

We build the custom home as a custom home builders Mississauga with the following home features. You can select any of the following features from the following features to build your luxury custom home in Mississauga.

  • Beverage refrigerator in the kitchen
  • A second sink in the kitchen
  • 2 dishwashers and never unload dishes again
  • Pot filler over the cook-top
  • Toe-kick drawers
  • Trash cans drawers
  • Double garbage can cupboard
  • The ice maker in your pantry/ island instead of in the kitchen
  • best stove venting hood system
  • The water filtration system on all faucets in the kitchen. i-e: ice-maker, instant hot water,
  • Sponge storage in the front of the kitchen sink panel
  • Kitchen towel racks are hidden near the sink
  • Cupboard with pull-down ironing board
  • Ba-Drawer with built-in containers to house flour, sugar, etc
  • Keep all counter-top cut-outs for cutting boards, coasters, whatever
  • Kid snack refrigerator drawer (Samsung – can be a beer drawer later on)
  • Lid maid lid holders
  • Kitchen Nook with hinged seats for storage
  • Free-floating shelves above nook (IKEA)
  • Routed drain channels in solid surface
  • Shelf for cookbooks/wine rack – end of the island
  • Plan for where trash cans in all rooms will be stored
  • king center in the kitchen with all the baking essentials at hand
  • Refrigerator drawer down low for the kids or special items
  • Place the outlets under the cabinets instead of on the wall? This will allow you to tile the backslash

  • Whirlpool Tub
  • Double vanity
  • Standing shower
  • Bidet toilet
  • Towel warmers
  • Toto toilet
  • Framed mirrors in all the bathrooms
  • Extra soundproofing around powder room and pipes from upstairs bathrooms
  • Behind door towel rack (hinge it)
  • Consider separate small linen and toiletry closets – never enough room
  • Timers and humidity detectors on kid’s bathroom fans
  • Recessed medicine cabinets in all rooms with either mirror or cabinet matching front
  • can be recessed between studs on sidewalls

Smart Home
  • remote access to all of your electronics and lighting – from an iPad or universal control
  • Alarm systems for fire, carbon monoxide, theft
  • Electrical outlets on every wall, and at least two cable/internet outlets in each room. It will never be cheaper than now to add them so you have options in the future.
  • speaker wires
  • Internet cable and video surveillance box.
  • CAT-6 data
  • USB plugs by the bed in the master
  • RG6, CAT6, and Fiber run through a single chase to every room.

  • Putting in art lights dimmers chandlers and sconces, even up light on columns, I would never have thought to. It makes a huge difference people can’t put a finger on it but they always say that there is something different about our house.
  • Under-cabinet lightening.
  • light sensors in all your closets

Eco and sustainable
  • Rain barrels and gray water systems
  • geothermal heating
  • Solar panels on the roof.
  • green roofs
  • low E windows, geothermal heating, and cooling (from the pond), solar panels, 2 by 6-inch wall studs, good insulation.

  • Laundry linen chute
  • Swinging door for laundry room
  • Laundry room (not walkway from the garage) with large sink and counters.
  • Window
  • Ikea Octopus Laundry hanger
  • Retractable Clotheslines inside and outside where any wet clothes may gather
  • Polder Wall Mount Accordion Drying Rack
  • Dog/cat area with built-in bowls under the folding table

  • Lots of landscape lighting – plan ahead to run electrical outside where needed
  • Heavy-duty power outlets outside, like on a garage or outbuilding
  • A heavy outlet for car wash and electric car in the garage.
  • Gas line and electricity for your outdoor BBQ
  • Don’t forget landscape lighting, or water or gas…outdoor fireplaces are a great feature!
  • Natural gas “spigot” on the back deck that I plug my natural gas grill into. (Never run out of gas in the middle of a BBQ again!)
  • Wire your outdoors for Low voltage lighting, including light fixtures at the street or down the driveway. Then make sure the switch is someplace convenient.
  • Drip irrigation lines to every planter on the deck.

  • Full-screen doors, not sliders kids always get them off track
  • Ask to keep any extra building supplies – you probably paid for them anyways – great for kid play areas or in case something gets broken…
  • Built-in flower planter boxes on the front porch railing
  • Hand-prints in the cement walkway
  • Up, down and all-around lighting in all areas – general, task, accent

  • Halogen reading lights overall beds for nighttime stories
  • Built-in window seats or in those “unused space” areas that will be boxed in that open like cedar chests (can line with cedar too)
  • Valet pole in all closets to have the next day’s clothes ready to go
  • Extra padding or high quality under carpets – kids sit on the floor a lot so you do too

Great Room
  • Built-ins with lighting on any support poles/beams that need to be exposed if you are going for the open floor plan look so it looks like more of a piece of furniture than an obstructed view Playroom
    -Kid fun paint – chalkboard, magnetic, glow, dry-erase
    -Playroom with toy closet that converts to a sun-room or mudroom
    -Bulletin board for the family calendar
    -Wall hanging folders each kid
    -Hook Nook
    -Mail slots
    -Full-length mirror
    -Shoe cleaning mat
    -Stone tiles (quick-dry)
    -Umbrella stand Attic
    -Walk-in above garage through the external steel door
    -Can finish later if needed space Garage
    -Parking guide
    -Ultra-low tub to the ground for washing pets
    -Shop light

General Features
  • Heating under the hard surface floors – especially in the master bath area
  • A wet or dry sauna
  • Door switches on some doors
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Laundry room door swinging
  • Hot water re-circulator
  • Mud/snow/sleet/dark of night room
  • Pantry is a must
  • A central vacuum system
  • Laundry room on the same floor as the bedrooms
  • Luggage storage
  • Central Vacuum system
  • Skylights
  • Radiant Heat.
    Hallways outlets near the floor with led downward-facing nightlights
  • A trap door in the foyer
  • Floor drain in the laundry room for easy clean up from muddy shoes.
  • Auto pantry light with motion sensor
  • Speakers in the ceiling in the bathroom and master as well as kitchen and dining room
  • Z wave light switches
  • Dimmers on all the light switches
  • Consider in-floor heating for the basement and garage. Geothermal for heating
  • Mudroom with a closet for all of the coats, jackets, etc
  • “Media station” area to host your security, tech another low voltage needs so that all the electrical can chase back to one location.
  • Add a humidistat to your bath fans so that they cycle off once they’ve cleared the air.
  • Quiet exhaust fan in baths and laundry.
  • Mailbox bell! (A different-toned doorbell activated by an old, re-purposed garage-door opener transmitter.)
  • Insulate between floors or use resilient channel when ceiling sheetrock is hung to reduce noise as well.
  • Hybrid tank-less water heater (more efficient than simple tank-less)
  • EXTRA wide stairs
  • Installing the highest efficiency gas furnace
  • A full-length mirror in every bedroom or bathroom.
  • double-sided fireplace
  • central vacuum, to have suction in the toe kick around the sink area
  • 10 ft. ceilings in the entire house
  • skylights
  • crown moldings
  • Charging station somewhere other than the kitchen – out of sigh
  • Install a 220 line in your garage to charge your electric hybrid car.
  • Tank-less water heater.
  • UV glass on the South and West exposures to minimize fading.
  • A grey-water system, rainwater capture, and dual-flush toilets to conserve water.
  • Windows placed for cross ventilation, deep roof overhangs on the South and West sides to minimize the use of AC and few doors/windows on the North side to eliminate heat loss in the winter.
  • Detached garage with a 2nd floor and a woodshop
  • Access from the master bedroom closet to the laundry
  • If you want passive solar gain on the south you don’t want Low E with argon. Low E 366 window glazing is great where you want to protect from heat gain but it greatly cuts the visible light gained.
  • Fireproof, insect-proof, mold-proof, rot proof, noise dampening and mass (for retaining temperature balance) and insulation are integral.
  • if you know you have a heavy mirror or picture to hang and know where you want to hang it use a scrap piece of wood from the framing and nail it between the studs before the drywall goes up. Gives you something to nail in to.
  • Install flush-mount wood floor vent.
  • air jet tub vs. Whirlpool type tub
  • air conditioning system was designed through the use of evaporation from a waterfall through the center of the house
  • Hybrid tank-less water heater (more efficient than simple tank-less)
  • Install an in-counter composting container.
  • Install a counter-mounted “air switch” for your disposal.
  • Rough-in for solar even if you don’t install it right away.
  • Install extra blocking in the walls at closets and bathrooms (particularly places where you
  • might want to add shelving or grab bars in the future)
  • Think universal design (wider doorways, fewer stairs, spaces everyone can use)

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